Extiel GPG, LLC

Extiel GPG is a joint venture between Extiel Holdings and Gulf Process Gasses (GPG). Extiel initially approached GPG as a potential vendor but we both immediately noticed the complimentary nature of our respective skillsets; a partnership was born. Extiel GPG is a multidiscipline engineering and project execution company focused on small-scale GTL.  

GPG brings extensive experience in design, construction and operation of Steam Methane Reformers, membrane gas separation skids and Pressure Swing Adsorption systems. These three process steps make up half of the unit operations within the GTL plant. GPG’s experience combined with Extiel’s knowledge of gas processing, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrocarbon processing makes for an unparalleled team for execution of GTL projects. Extiel GPG developed the XTLG-250© platform and is responsible for management and deployment of these units.

US Synthetic Oil, LLC (USSO)

USSO is the sales and marketing arm of Extiel. To reach the large but specialized markets for high purity hydrogen and F-T solvents, base oil and wax, USSO has assembled a team of applications engineers with deep background in the specialty performance chemicals market. Their task is to find the end users who value the superior characteristics of these products and establish a positive relationship between production facilities and consumers.

USSO operates a small-scale Fischer Tropsch reactor, product finishing reactors and associated lab equipment. The facility generates representative, fully finished samples of Extiel’s F-T products for evaluation by potential end users. Continuous product improvement and applications research is ongoing.